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LNG ISO Container

LNG ISO Containers

Corban's LNG ISO container.

LNG ISO Containers

Corban Energy Group is a leading LNG tank manufacturer capable of producing large quantities of LNG ISO containers. 

Designed by our engineering team, our ISO Containers are equipped with highly engineered thermal insulation and a rugged, durable construction that ensures your liquefied natural gas has a safe journey when traveling long distances for extended periods of time. As intermodal containers, our LNG ISO containers are optimized specifically for transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) worldwide by rail, sea, and road.

These reliable, low-maintenance containers come in a variety of working pressures, carry up to 12,000 US gallons (gross) and are currently offered in either 20 or 40-foot lengths. We also comply with important codes and standards including ASME/DOT, RID, IMDG, ADR, ISO, and TPED.

Corban's Intermodal ISO Container


The 40’ LNG ISO tank containers are designed to carry up to 12,000 US gallons (gross) LNG and the 20’ LNG ISO tank containers are designed to carry up to 5,000 US gallons (gross) LNG, both with the lowest tare weight and maximum robustness. Stainless steel is preferred as inner vessel material where as carbon steel and stainless is preferred for outer vessel. Other materials are available upon request. Multi-compartment specialized heating and cooling systems configurations are also available upon request.


LNG Transport Trailers

Corban's LNG Tanker Trailer.


Our transport trailers are also available for commercial operations. Corban Energy Group has the capability of manufacturing large-scale quantities of tanker trucks for transportation and fueling/refueling purposes. Tested under strict regulations and approved by codes of regulations below, our trucks are a perfect means of safe transportation of LNG resources.


Corban’s Solutions

Corban Energy Group is a large-scale manufacturer of ISO tank containers, storage tanks, and tanker trucks. Corban is capable of offering access to the latest solutions in industrial gas transportation and storage. If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner that is dedicated to its clients, Corban Energy Group is your partner. In order to offer a solution that matches the needs of a business, Corban works closely with its customers.

Detailed specifications for our liquid gas transportation products are available upon request. Visit us at Corban Energy Group, send us an email us at info@corbanenergygroup.com, or give our office a call at 201-509-8555.



LNG Storage Tanks

Corban Energy Group is capable of manufacturing large quantities of LNG storage tanks. If you need a low-maintenance, high-performing and efficient solution, our tanks are perfect for your operation.

As a large-scale manufacturer of LNG tanks, our company offers newly designed, inexpensive, small & medium-sized tank systems, suitable for low to mid volume LNG market areas. These tanks are perfect to be used as storage tanks for LNG, with their rugged construction and weatherproof resistance. If you’re looking for an LNG tank manufacturer with the right solution for your business operation, Corban is your partner.

Our comprehensive design and build services include fully customized options from the ground up, ensuring that each storage tank fully meets each business’s needs. General specifications include 5,000 gallon (18.93 m3) to 500,000 gallon (1892.7 m3) tanks in either vertical or horizontal position, available for shipment via container ship or truck. On-site permanent LNG storage tanks are available in sizes up to 2.5 million gallons (9463.53 m3). After a short survey, our team can advise and help identify a suitable and customized solution for your business’s LNG storage tank.

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Corban’s LNG storage tanks are double containers; the inner container stores the LNG while the outer container houses the insulation materials. These cryogenic storage tanks can maintain the temperatures required to keep natural gas in its liquefied state for a very long time; but as vapors from the LNG continue to build up due to ambient temperature, the pressure and temperature will rise in the storage tank. Unless expelled, the vapor of the LNG will disturb an efficient and optimal operation of the storage tank. Our solution to these vapors, or ‘boil-off gas’, is a unique boil-off gas management system. This system can compress boil-off gas and use it locally as fuel in other applications or be re-liquefied and returned to the storage tank, depending upon the storage volume and time. However, due to our unique tank design, no boil-off requirements are typically needed if storage/transportation is less than 80 days.

Detailed specifications for our LNG products and services are available upon request. Visit us at Corban Energy Group, send us an email us at info@corbanenergygroup.com, or give our office a call at 201-509-8555.


Cryogenic Tank


Corban Energy Group manufactures tanks for the storage of gases at extreme temperatures. Abiding by ASME standards, our team has built reliable and rugged tanks that have been in operation for decades. Available in both horizontal and vertical orientation, our cryogenic gas tanks can store cryogenic liquids such as hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon.

Detailed specifications for our products and services are available upon request. Visit us at Corban Energy Group, send us an email us at info@corbanenergygroup.com, or give our office a call at 201-509-8555.



Corban’s LPG Solution

With our years of experience, our company provides a comprehensive design and build service which ensures that the unique needs and requirements from businesses like yours are fully met, at the same time providing optimal cost-efficient operation. Specializing in manufacturing large-scale quantities of natural gas ISO containers, Corban Energy Group meets the expectations of any business operation.

Corban’s LPG ISO containers provide the perfect means of moving large-scale quantities of liquefied petroleum. Our customers can be ensured on the reliability of our products to transport, protect, and store LPG. Corban Energy Group is capable of meeting the needs of your operation, with the ability to manufacture large-scale quantities of these ISO containers.

LPG ISO Container

Corban’s LPG ISO containers are optimized for the safe transport of gas and designed with cost-efficiency and ease of use in mind.  These LPG ISO containers are versatile and can be transported by sea or land. Our products have been thoroughly tested under harsh conditions to surpass all safety standards to ensure the quality of our containers.

Available in 20 and 40 foot lengths, our containers are uniquely designed, fit, and built according to each customer’s needs.

Detailed specifications for our LPG ISO containers are available upon request.

Email us at info@corbanenergygroup.com or give our office a call at 201-509-8555 to answer a short series of questions to inquire about a custom solution for your liquefied petroleum gas ISO container/tank.

About Us

Our company specializes in manufacturing large-scale quantities of ISO containers for the transportation of natural gases. Our expertise extends into the LNG, CNG, and LPG industries, and our solutions are specifically customer-oriented.

Corban Energy Group’s products are turnkey solutions for the transportation of natural gases. Our ISO containers have been designed for performance, ease of operation, and safety. Our more permanent solutions include onsite storage tanks, power generators, fueling stations, and more.


Corban's LNG ISO container


Corban Energy Group can provide the equipment necessary for all of your LNG needs, including LNG ISO containers, LNG storage tanks, and even small-scale LNG plants.

Our company’s solutions revolve around the customer. Our comprehensive design-and-build services put the customer’s unique needs first, ensuring an optimized solution. With customized LNG transportation and storage equipment, Corban provides businesses the perfect turnkey solutions for their LNG needs. Click here to learn more about our expertise in the industry and our custom solutions.

CNG fueling station


As a partner with the world’s leading supplier of CNG fueling equipment, Corban Energy Group is capable of building complete, state-of-the-art CNG fueling stations.

Corban is the North American partner of the world’s leading manufacturer of CNG fueling equipment. From small-scale compressors and other CNG supplies to large-scale fully operational fueling stations, Corban provides solutions to all CNG needs. Our team offers all of the essential station-building services, e.g. design, permitting, procurement, construction, installation, start-up, commissioning, and operator training. Click here for more information about our turnkey CNG solutions and products.

LPG ISO container


Corban also has the necessary expertise in providing a reliable product for transporting and storing LPG.

In meeting with the needs of the customer through communication, Corban ensures that the unique needs and requirements from businesses are fully met, at the same time providing optimal, cost-efficient products and operation. Corban’s LPG ISO container is a highly-customizable and reliable means of transporting, protecting, and storing LPG. With ease of use and safety in mind, we have designed the LPG ISO container to surpass all safety standards. Click here to see more information about our LPG ISO containers.


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